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Policy Committee

Innovation Economy Committee

Helping improve the Region’s reputation for innovation and technology adoption.
People looking at educational displays at technology showcase.

Committee Objectives

The Innovation Economy committee aims to improve the Region’s already internationally recognized reputation for innovation by developing technology infrastructure and facilitating a rapid industrial advancement of new industries.

Together, these members advise, guide and shape the Board’s efforts to champion: 

  • Adoption and commercialization of innovation to provide a necessary customer base for local innovators  

  • Technology adoption and reduction of barriers that bolster business competitiveness and ability to attract investment  

How We'll Get There

To reach our objectives, we work to: 

  • Develop a regional innovation ecosystem framework to identify key industrial components supporting innovation commercialization   

  • Entrench and connect nascent innovation within broader industrial sector and sources of investment 

  • Advocate for the removal of policy barriers hindering the development of innovative domestic technology   

  • Catalyze step change in technology adoption through policy/advocacy and place-based manufacturing modernization program 

Have your say

Join the Innovation Economy policy committee to shape the Board’s agenda and direct our research and advocacy to emerging priorities. Already a member? Contact your account manager to get involved.

If you aren't a member, complete the membership inquiry form for more information!

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