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Growth Development Program (GDP)

Your gateway to unlocking new opportunities and realizing your leadership potential.

Founding Partner: Scotiabank

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Why do some businesses thrive while others struggle to gain momentum after reaching a certain revenue threshold? The world of SMEs and organizational leadership is akin to a living ecosystem, where leaders hold the key to deliberate growth and transformation.

Introducing the Growth Development Program (GDP), thoughtfully designed for visionary founders, owners and C-suite executives of SMEs who have already achieved significant business growth and are now aspiring to attain the next echelon of success.

This program is your gateway to unlocking new opportunities and realizing your leadership potential. You’ll embark on a transformative six-month journey, carefully structured into three distinctive phases, joining an exclusive group of like-minded peers, all at a similar stage in their growth journey.

Throughout the program, you’ll engage in peer-group discussions, immersive workshops, and glean insights from real-world case studies. These experiences will serve to broaden your perspective, challenge your preconceptions and push the boundaries of your knowledge, all within a nurturing environment that actively encourages questioning. You’ll acquire the skills to lead amidst uncertainty and strengthen your organization, gaining new perspectives and fostering a high-performance culture.

Program Benefits:

This program will equip you with the tools, skills and strategies to transition to strategic leadership, driving sustained growth for both you and your business.

Empower Innovation and Creativity: This program equips you with cutting-edge tools, invaluable connections and insights to establish the mindset you need to foster innovation and creativity.

Foster High-Performance Culture: As your team grows, nurturing a culture that empowers ambition is paramount. Learn strategies to create an environment where talent, strategy and initiative thrive.

Embrace Strategic Leadership: Transition from daily operational management to prioritize strategic leadership. The program provides you with strategies to implement efficient systems that free up your time for strategic thinking, customer acquisition and investor engagement.

Build a Network of Peers: Expand your business outlook by connecting and collaborating with fellow accomplished leaders who have faced similar challenges and achieved remarkable success.



The Growth Development Program spans a transformative 6-month journey, carefully structured into three distinctive phases, each focused on key topics critical for your business's success.

Phase 1: Nurturing a Continuous Learning Mindset

In the initial phase, we lay the foundation for your growth journey, fostering your adaptability and openness to new ideas. This will empower you to remain agile in response to evolving market dynamics. Engage in enlightening peer-group discussions and working sessions, drawing insights from real case studies and success stories. We'll also dive deep into identifying and overcoming barriers to growth that might be influencing your progress.

Phase 2: Enhancing Leadership Skills to Gear-Up for Growth

Phase 2 is all about leadership. Here, you'll refine your leadership skills to effectively steer your organization through growth. Expert-led workshops, real case studies and interactive sessions will empower you to lead with confidence and agility. You'll learn strategies to align your team with your growth vision and mission and prioritize strategic leadership in your daily operations.

Phase 3: Growing Your Team and Organization 

In the final phase, we focus on nurturing your team and organizational growth. You'll delve into strategies for attracting and retaining exceptional talent, cultivating a high-performance culture and transforming your team into a dynamic force that drives success. Through collaborative discussions, the sharing of experiences and best practices, and networking opportunities with accomplished leaders, you will gain valuable insights to enhance your expertise.

Throughout the program, you'll engage in peer-group discussions, hands-on working sessions, and workshops. You'll gain insights from real-world case studies and success stories. Together with your peers, you'll build a network of support and shared knowledge.

As the program concludes, you'll work on a tailored leadership plan that will enable you to transition from tactical to strategic leadership, setting the stage for remarkable business growth. This roadmap will be a culmination of your insights gained from the program, real-world application of strategies and your unique business needs.

GDP Partners

The Growth Development Program is supported by partners invested in helping businesses reach their full potential.

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