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Executive Certificates

Take advantage of our upcoming training sessions to strengthen your international trade and growth strategies.
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Each market is unique due to economic, cultural and governmental conditions. It is important to develop a locally tailored business strategy and plan that fosters regional success while remaining aligned with the overall corporate objectives.

The World Trade Centre Toronto’s Executive Certificate are a series of in-depth and practical one-day programs covering specific topics related to global trade and business growth. 

The content of these certificate programs is based on feedback from over 2,000 Canadian companies who are navigating a rapidly evolving business landscape.

How Executive Certificates Works

The Executive Certificates empower Canadian entrepreneurs interested in exporting their products or services to new markets or growing their businesses overseas through full-day in-person workshops and mentorship from world-class trade professionals.

Eligibility Requirements

The Executive Certificate session is open to companies that: 

  • Export a product, service, or technologies and want to diversify its export market or are exploring the possibility of expanding their business internationally
  • Generate more than $500,000 in annual revenue
  • Operate for at least 2 years
  • Offer an attractive value proposition


For $495 plus HST, company executives can enroll in the Executive Certificate program. A group discount of 20% applies if you’re registering three or more people from the same company.

How to Participate

You can apply to the upcoming Executive Certificates in one of the two ways: Direct application or partner nomination. All applications are reviewed by the WTC-T team to ensure the program is a good match and that participants can fully benefit from the program. 

As part of your initial assessment, you will be asked to answer a few questions about your business' current status and its growth prospects.  

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