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Policy Committee

Energy & Climate Committee

Helping strengthen the climate economy and maintain a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in the Toronto Region.
A row of powerlines in a grassy field

Committee Objectives

The Energy Transition policy committee aims to develop a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in the Toronto Region, enabling business growth and securing our place as a low-carbon leader.

Together, these members advise, guide and shape the Board’s efforts to champion: 

  • Reduction of direct and climate-change causing emissions in Toronto and Ontario
  • Scale-up and commercialization of locally developed cleantech solutions to position local innovators for success in global markets 

How We'll Get There

To reach our objectives, we work to:

  • Drive the adoption of climate technologies, including through lighthouse demonstration projects, to develop a competitive advantage for the Region by accelerating the pace to net-zero focused on technologies to reduce building, transportation and energy emissions  

  • Advocate for policy changes and investment necessary to build out EV infrastructure and accelerate adoption  

  • Contribute to the reduction of direct emissions through effective and business-friendly policy  

  • Identify solutions for the build-out of sufficient clean electricity generation, transmission and distribution as well as charging infrastructure at scale  

Have your say

Join the Energy Transition policy committee to shape the Board’s agenda and direct our research and advocacy to emerging priorities. Already a member? Contact your account manager to get involved. 

If you aren't a member, complete the membership inquiry form for more information!