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Policy Committee

Infrastructure, Land Use and Transportation Policy Committee

Helping improve the Region’s physical infrastructure and transit oriented-oriented communities to keep pace with tremendous growth.
Train tracks surround by buildings in downtown Toronto

Committee objectives

The Infrastructure, Land Use & Transportation committee aims to improve physical and digital infrastructure to keep pace with the Toronto Region’s tremendous growth. This member committee is tied to the Board's competitive Region area of focus.

Together, these members advise, guide and shape the Board’s efforts to champion: 

  • Ease of traveling across the Region by transit, especially across municipal boundaries 
  • Developing infrastructure using proven technologies that facilitate local and cross-regional travel to reduce congestion, improve the movement of goods and people, and bolster economic growth and productivity
  • Making transit accessible to all residents and improve access to talent for employers and jobs for workers
  • Meeting infrastructure needs of growing regional population

How we'll get there

To reach our objectives, we work to:

  • Developing actionable proposals that will help build and integrated and globally competitive transit system for the Toronto Region. 
  • Strengthen the resilience of the Region’s supply chains
  • Implement policies and infrastructure needed to support efficient growth of ecommerce deliveries 
  • Enhance the Region’s freight rail infrastructure 
  • Propose a framework to categorize different types of employment lands 
  • Define which current and prospective industrial employment areas require ongoing land use protections 
  • Define which current and prospective office-based employment areas would benefit from integrating residential uses

Have your say

Join the Infrastructure, Land Use & Transportation committee to shape the Board’s agenda and direct our research and advocacy to emerging priorities. Already a member? Contact your account manager to get involved. 

If you aren't a member, complete the membership inquiry form for more information!

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