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Policy Committee

Transportation & Infrastructure Committee

Helping improve the Region’s physical infrastructure and transit oriented-oriented communities to keep pace with tremendous growth.
Train tracks surround by buildings in downtown Toronto

Committee Objectives

Transportation & Infrastructure Committee aims to improve physical infrastructure and facilitate local and cross-regional travel to reduce congestion, improve the movement of goods and people, and bolster economic growth and productivity. 

Together, these members advise, guide and shape the Board’s efforts to champion: 

  • Implementation of a comprehensive Fare Integration Plan from municipalities/province

  • Adoption of a region-wide minimum transit service frequency standard on major routes

  • Growth in the region’s logistics and manufacturing sectors

  • Reduction in congestion and goods movement bottlenecks

How we'll get there

To reach our objectives, we work to:

  • Advocate for an integrated and globally competitive transit system with a secure financial foundation 
  • Develop solutions to address the key challenges and barriers that can impede the rapid and cost-effective development of new infrastructure to support the region’s growth
  • Develop a strategy for strengthening the resilience of the Toronto Region’s supply chains 
  • Catalyze the successful implementation of the Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) program

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