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Climate and Energy Transition Council

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A shot of many rows of solar panels.

It’s time for the Toronto Region to step up as a global leader in the climate economy. This group will drive programs to support the greening of our supply chain to accelerate regional innovation.

The Challenge

Access to reliable, affordable, and clean energy is crucial for staying competitive in today's global business landscape and to meet future demands. We need to more than double our current electricity capacity by 2050. Various sectors, including transportation, real estate, and manufacturing, rely on a successful transition to ensure our economy remains strong.

The Opportunity

The BCT’s Climate and Energy Council will work to address our productivity gap by driving projects and advocacy positioning our region as a global leader in crucial climate technologies.

Our region has the potential to build an energy sector powering our own growth and establishing ourselves as global champions in exporting our technology.


Sample projects could include:

  • Connecting building owners, financial institutions, and technology providers to enable and accelerate building retrofits.
  • Removing barriers to Distributed Energy Resources, expanding the supply of affordable and clean energy available to businesses.