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The Business Council of Toronto

Bringing business leaders together to drive meaningful change. It's time.
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We believe that a thriving, competitive business climate can enable social and economic prosperity. By making our region a better place to do business, we will make our region a better place to live.

Comprised of an executive table and three focused partnership councils, we’ve convened the Business Council of Toronto (BCT) for one purpose: to harness the insight and expertise of our region’s most influential leaders to drive innovative solutions and advocacy that will make life better for everyone who calls the Toronto region home. 

 This is not just another industry association. Through the work of the BCT, we will launch high-impact projects that will demonstrate to government and industry that we can transform our region’s ability to compete globally - and enhance our standard of living for generations to come. 


The Toronto region is falling behind. In terms of productivity – GDP per worker – we trail the US average by nearly $72,000 per worker. And that gap is widening.

To close this growing chasm and build not only our productivity, but our prosperity, we must aim for a GDP growth of 3.4%, a daunting but necessary leap from our current trajectory.

This is our call to action to make our region a thriving and competitive place to do business while enabling social and economic prosperity for all.

60,000 Torontonians left the city last year for more affordable communities.

BCT Advocacy and Members

The BCT is comprised of senior leaders and executives who are passionate about demonstration projects and advocacy streams. Learn more about both here:


Our research revealed a key differentiating factor in how other competing metros have advanced productivity and competitiveness: the role of business.

We are standing up high-impact demonstration projects through our three partnership councils to provide data-driven and evidence-based recommendations on unlocking our economic and productive potential.

Two mechanical arms manufacturing on an assembly line.
Advanced Manufacturing Council

Ontario’s manufacturing sector is poised to become a global leader. This council will focus on initiatives to help through tech-driven productivity enhancements.

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Climate and Energy Transition Council

This group will drive programs to support the greening of our supply chain to accelerate regional innovation.

An aerial photo of the GTA West Economic Gateway area.
GTA West Economic Gateway Council

This council focuses on spearheading pilot projects to improve employment land availability, mobility, and net zero infrastructure in the area surrounding Pearson Airport.