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RIPPLE EFFECT: Unlocking Toronto's Waterfront Potential

Drawing on global best practices, this report looks at opportunities and priorities for unlocking the full value of Toronto’s waterfront.

A panoramic view of Toronto's waterfront.

Our waterfront is at an inflection point. With many exciting developments underway, it faces a new set of opportunities requiring a shift in how stakeholders will work together to fulfil its potential.

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Read more about our recommendations for transforming Toronto’s waterfront into a world-class economic and cultural hub.
The cover of our Ripple Effect report.

To cement Toronto as a global hub of business, tourism, and liveability, we need to transform our waterfront from a diamond in the rough to our city’s crown jewel. 

The report offers two fast track recommendations to unlock the waterfront’s potential:

  1. A series of projects to improve connectivity into and across the waterfront;
  2. A “team waterfront” approach to develop this critical asset in a coordinated, strategic way. 

Using research prepared by the Business of Cities, the report also outlines nine principles to transform this area based on global best practices seen in other waterfront cities.