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Infographic: Building a World-Class Waterfront

A map highlighting the many features of the Waterfront region.

Toronto's waterfront is a testament to transformation and economic prowess. Starting as a small trading post in the 1700s, it has evolved into a global magnet, drawing people from all corners of the globe for business and leisure. Here, stunning vistas coexist harmoniously with a thriving entertainment district, modern and sustainable offices, a bustling downtown airport, and contemporary waterfront housing options.

With a staggering 18 million annual visitors and, hosting 37,000 jobs, Toronto's waterfront stands as an economic powerhouse. However, our journey towards becoming a world-class waterfront destination is far from over. To fully realize our potential, we recognize the need for ongoing investments, collaborative efforts, and bold leadership. Join us in shaping the future of this remarkable waterfront – a story of economic growth, innovation, and unparalleled opportunities for businesses and residents.

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