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Strong Mayor, Stronger City

Join us for a lively conversation on how stronger mayor powers can be shaped to support the growth and competitiveness of our region.
Richard Florida with the TRBOT logo behind him in neon green.

Featuring a Fireside Chat with Richard Florida, University Professor, School of Cities and Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

About the Event

Toronto faces urgent city-wide challenges that must be addressed - from housing, land use, transit and transportation, to economic development, inflation and climate.

Stronger mayoral powers are coming and could be a game-changer, so we’re convening the movers & shakers of municipal policy in our region to discuss how we can best make this work & its potential impact on business.

What opportunities should we look out for? What are the risks to avoid? How should the next Mayor and Council react to this big change?

Over the last couple of months, we've heard arguments about why more powers for the mayor is a good or bad thing, but the fact is they're coming. The real question for people looking to shape our city is no longer if, but how. Don't miss the discussion, at our region's most influential podium, that will take the hard look at this pivotal question.

Fireside Chat:

  • Richard Florida, Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy, Rotman School of Management; Co-founder of CityLab; and Founder of the Creative Class Group in conversation with Jan De Silva, President & CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade


  • Mary Rowe, President & CEO, Canadian Urban Institute
  • Karen Chapple, Director, School of Cities, University of Toronto
  • Sabine Matheson, Partner and General Counsel, StrategyCorp


  • Marcus Gee, Toronto Columnist, The Globe & Mail

Ticket Information:

Individual Tickets:

  • Members: $75
  • Non-Members: $105


  • Members: $600 
  • Non-Members: $840