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Workforce Leading Practice Guides

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In a highly competitive talent market, businesses of all sizes are under more pressure than ever to set themselves apart as a great place to work - and stay.

The Board convened senior business leaders for a series of roundtables to share lessons-learned, guidance, and resources on critical workforce development challenges and opportunities. Through this process we arrived at six pressing topics for our Leading Practice Guides.

These guides dive into some of the most significant challenges facing businesses across our region; and serve as a repository of best practices, case studies, and more!

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Supporting Employee Soft Skill Development

Learn how to measure soft skills against your business needs and prioritize investing in the right training and development opportunities for your people.

Finding the Right Entry-Level Workers

Find out how emphasizing competency needs, inclusivity and eliminating unnecessary biases are the key to securing quality candidates for entry-level positions.

Tapping into the Immigrant Talent Pool

A clear overview of Canada’s immigration system and the various channels available to access international talent.

Reducing Integration Barriers For Immigrant Workers

Understand how to better address the systemic non-certification and non-licensing barriers preventing immigrants from accessing jobs they are qualified to hold. 

Increasing Work-Integrated Learning Opportunities

Organizing co-op programs and internships can be daunting. Learn about different work-integrated learning models and find the best one for you.

Expanding Mental Health Supports For Younger Workers 

In response to the mental health crisis amongst workers, This Guide identifies mental health resources available to employers, and best practices and policies implemented at different workplaces.