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Joint Initiative

The GTA West Economic Gateway

The area surrounding Pearson International Airport is Canada’s second largest employment zone and our region's gateway to growth. Home to a significant concentration of firms in advanced manufacturing, life sciences, logistics, and warehousing, this area is vital to our economy and global competitiveness.
Person welding in the PEZ area.

About the Initiative

The GTA West Economic Gateway is a call to action for business and government leaders to launch a step change in regional coordination - for transit, passenger vehicle and freight transportation, and land use planning for housing and employment, among other levers of growth.

We will take a place-based approach to the GTA West Economic Gateway in three phases:

  1. Convene stakeholders to identity, refine, and prioritize the problems that must be solved.
  2. Connect to identify and prioritize solutions and pilots supported by stakeholder feedback, research, and data analysis.
  3. Champion those solutions through an advocacy campaign calling for the implementation of an action plan for the Gateway.

We are currently working with businesses and other stakeholders throughout the Gateway on the problem identification phase. Together, we will connect the dots to establish a roadmap for action backed by a plan for policy advocacy and projects at all three levels of government.

About the Gateway

The GTA West Economic Gateway employs 400,000 workers and contributes $53 billion to Ontario’s Economy. It functions as Canada’s gateway to growth for business, trade, and immigration, with the potential to dramatically fuel our region’s ability to compete on a global scale. Unfortunately, today, that potential lies largely unfulfilled.

The GTA West Economic Gateway Partners