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How Geosource is supporting the Toronto region in the decarbonization of our built environment

Highlighting businesses taking a leadership role in the transition to Net Zero by 2050.


Geosource tunneling on a new project.

Our member, Geosource Energy, is a leading geo-exchange specialist delivering low-carbon heating and cooling solutions to our built environment. Over the past two decades, Geosource has constructed over 350 geo-exchange systems across our region, and they are well poised to lead us in our energy transition.

Through their patented installation process and ground-breaking approach to delivering renewable energy systems, Geosource can design, build, own, operate and maintain geo-exchange systems to help their clients meet their low-carbon goals. This technology reduces the carbon footprint of building’s HVAC GHGs by up to 95%, without compromising the financial return.

The demand for decarbonization across our region will be a massive undertaking. Geosource is one of the leading solution providers to help get us there. It’s through their efforts as an inventor and their pursuit of excellence that makes them a unique player in our region.

In recent years, Geosource has garnered global attention for their unique processes, technical acumen and their impeccable track record. From Europe to the United States, Geosource’s work is becoming internationally known, helping to establish the Toronto region as a leader in the adoption of geo-exchange and other renewable energy technologies.

Geosource’s evolution to become the leading geo-exchange solutions provider was born from their conviction that ‘there’s a better way’ to deliver energy. It is through their constant pursuit of iterative invention that has helped build consumer confidence in the technology. Not only is geo-exchange technically viable and a great business decision, but it is readily available as a solution today.

To learn more about the multi-trillion-dollar economic opportunity at the Toronto region’s doorstep, visit the Board’s Climate Economy Initiatives page and check out our infographic.