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How BOSCH is decarbonizing its operations and offering solutions for a greener future

Highlighting businesses taking a leadership role in the transition to Net Zero by 2050.


BOSCH EVs being charged.

Our Climate Economy Spotlight Series is shining a light on the businesses playing a leadership role in driving forward our Net Zero by 2050 goal by creating innovative solutions for the market or partnering to green their operations.

Our member, BOSCH Canada, is a great case study on taking a two-pronged approach to contribute to a net zero society by both greening its operations and introducing products that drive emission reduction across Industrial Technology, Automotive, Building Technology and Consumer Goods. 

BOSCH Global marked a significant milestone in 2020 by being the first global industrial company to make its more than 400 locations CO₂-neutral. Bosch used four levers to achieve this goal:  

  1. Increase energy efficiency
  2. Expand the energy supply from renewable sources
  3. Increase purchase of green electricity
  4. Offset all unavoidable CO₂ emissions with climate compensation measures  

Using an intelligent energy platform, the energy and resource consumption of more than 100 plants and locations worldwide is checked in real-time and continuously optimized. Its efforts to achieve energy efficiency means BOSCH expects to save 1.7 TWh (terawatt-hour) through reduced energy consumption by 2030. 

At the same time, BOSCH is harnessing the competitive opportunities in the EV market as the largest auto parts provider globally. BOSCH is investing heavily in the transition of the mobility sector towards a greener future and its business – from electric drive solutions, charging cables, silicon carbide semiconductors, and thermal management – is already seeing dividends.  

In 2021, the company’s orders relating to electromobility exceeded $11.8 billion (USD) for the first time.

Whether your organization is looking to electrify its fleet or reduce emissions across its footprint, lessons can be learned from BOSCH’s business transformation story while its products and services can help you achieve your own goals. 

To learn more about the multi-trillion-dollar economic opportunity at the Toronto region’s doorstep, visit our Climate Economy Initiatives page.

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