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Introducing TRBOT's Climate Economy Spotlight Series

Highlighting businesses taking a leadership role in the transition to Net Zero by 2050.

Solar panels on a clear, sunny day.

Reaching a Net Zero Economy by 2050 is a complex effort that requires solutions of all sizes, new ways of partnering and bold action.

However, our climate crisis is not just a problem to solve, it's also a multi-trillion-dollar economic opportunity – and businesses have been stepping up to prove their readiness and position the Toronto region at the forefront in emissions reduction across all industries and the global cleantech industry.

Our Climate Economy Spotlight Series aims to shine a light on the businesses that are playing a leadership role in driving forward our Net Zero 2050 goals by creating innovative solutions for the market or partnering with organizations to help green their operations.

Stay tuned as we start highlighting compelling case studies that can help you refine your net zero strategies and discover new potential partners join your journey. 

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