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Time to Get Our Focus on Sensible Solutions to Support Reopening

Businesses have faced enough disruption over the past two years.

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TORONTO, February 9, 2022 – Over the past two weeks, discussion about plans for addressing COVID-19 in Canada – and many parts of the world – have primarily focused on the serious disruptions in Ottawa and at our border crossings.

After almost two years battling COVID, we are all battle weary, but let’s get our focus on what matters —sensible solutions to support reopening. Jan De Silva, President & CEO of the Toronto Region Board of Trade has issued the following statement:

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have shouldered the brunt of many of the public health restrictions. The response from the business community and its workers has not been to disrupt the lives of residents or to disrupt supply chains, but rather to band together to make positive suggestions. The business community is united like never before. In stark contrast, the recent two-week long protests have resulted in only serving to distract the focus of politicians, media, and the public. Productive discussions about opening our economy are being drowned out by complaints against the measures that have enabled us to progress to where we are today. The noise lacks insight about what can be done to move us all forward. It’s focusing on where we differ rather than where we are in abundant agreement. 

As a champion for businesses in the Toronto region, the Toronto Region Board of Trade has led in proposing proactive solutions that can reduce risk, while still allowing us to gather, work, and create together. We now know enough about COVID-19 to create a pandemic-proofing plan that will allow us to reopen and stay open. It’s time for the discourse to focus on sensible calls that support reopening – something we can all agree upon. It’s time for government to put this plan in place and to share it with businesses and residents. This plan should be designed to ensure that we have done what we can to prevent future closures or severe restrictions for businesses. 

It's time to focus on the future and move forward with a singular goal – to reopen and stay open.

About Toronto Region Board of Trade

The Toronto Region Board of Trade is one of the largest and most influential business chambers in North America and is a catalyst for the region’s economic agenda. We pursue policy change to drive the growth and competitiveness of the Toronto region and facilitate market opportunities with programs, partnerships and connections to help our members succeed – domestically and internationally.

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