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Economic Blueprint Institute

Leveraging the power of research and data, EBI works to enhance regional collaboration and competitiveness.

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A Data-first Approach

The Economic Blueprint Institute's insights are generated with data from across the Innovation Corridor – Canada’s largest and most diverse economic zone, inclusive of 34 municipalities and anchored by the greater Toronto, Hamilton and Waterloo regions. 

EBI helps uncover the hidden stories and patterns in our regional economy, using those insights to empower and inform strategic business and government decisions. 

Research you can trust

Major EBI initiatives

Together with our partners, EBI helps uncover the hidden stories and patterns in our regional economy, using those insights to empower and inform strategic business and government decisions. Explore our latest tools, trackers and reports.


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Shaping Our Future: A Playbook for Rebooting and Reimagining the Regional Economy in Ontario’s Innovation Corridor

Ten actions which can help the municipalities in the Innovation Corridor integrate better.


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Recovery Tracker

A web-based tool that measures how the Innovation Corridor is rebounding from the pandemic – with statistics about employment, mobility, consumer spending and other metrics.


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Business Districts and the Regional Economy

Assessing five Districts based on key economic, physical, and workforce characteristics.


Map of the Innovation Corridor.
Canada's Innovation Corridor

Home to nearly eight million people and more than three million jobs, the Innovation Corridor generates two thirds of Ontario’s GDP and a quarter of Canada’s.


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Taking Off Together: Toronto Pearson's Workforce Strategy and Playbook

The airport suffers from the challenge: attracting and retaining talent. This report details trends and presents a set of recommendations that form a go-forward workforce strategy.

More About EBI

When the Toronto Board of Trade added “Region” to its name a decade ago, it was in recognition of the increasingly borderless way we do business.  A manufacturer’s supply chain rarely operates within a single municipality. Online shoppers in one end of a region can get same-day delivery from a business in another. People live in one city and work or study in another. Yet decisions that impact our economic competitiveness and the conditions for business growth happen in municipal silos and between different orders of government.

If the federal, provincial and municipal governments work together to direct investment, exporting and productivity would increase, unleashing the region’s economic potential, putting the Region on the map with other international jurisdictions who have adopted the power of regionalism to spur growth, as is the case with thriving economic regions in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Australia.    

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The Economic Blueprint Institute is supported by several partners invested in using data analysis to guide future growth.

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World Trade Centre Toronto

The World Trade Centre Toronto is the Board’s trade services arm, offering award-winning programs that help businesses scale-up and export to new markets.

Policy & Advocacy

The Board’s policy agenda champions our members’ priorities to those with the power to drive change.

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The Board’s sponsors are key enablers in helping us drive growth and competitiveness in the region.