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Increasing Global Connectivity & Economic Value Through Canada’s International Airports

Explore the economic impact of the international airports in Canada’s seven largest metropolitan areas.

Bird's eye view of an airplane flying over water next to a shipping dock.


The international airports in Canada’s seven largest metros generate significant GDP and often represent the second-largest employment district in their Region. They are prime economic engines requiring supportive policies, government services and transit connectivity. 

However, Canada’s major airports face connectivity challenges and noticeably lack higher-order ground transit for travellers. They also suffer from screening challenges related to a lack of technology and globally competitive service standards. 

This report makes the following key recommendations for maximizing the value of Canada’s major airports: 

  • Adopt an internationally competitive service standard 
  • Implement a targeted screening approach 
  • Foster the development of global air transit hubs 
  • Strategically align immigration and border facilitation for priority markets in tourism, investment and education 
  • Develop airport transit and multi-modal hubs  

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Learn how Canada can unlock the full economic value of its international airports.
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