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AI for SMEs: 12 Ways to Win Big with Artificial Intelligence | Cubeler

A man working on a touchscreen computer with a digital overlay.

The worldwide quest to decarbonize the economy is driving unprecedented demand for electric vehicles and the critical minerals needed to power them. Gowling WLG takes a deep dive into Canada’s critical mineral advantage and its emerging role in the EV supply chain.

For years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been the linchpin that many large companies have turned to for a competitive advantage. In today's rapidly advancing digital era, there’s now AI for SMEs—and it’s not just a trend. It's a game changer.

Historically, giants like Amazon, IBM, and Uber have harnessed AI's potential to stay ahead of the curve. However, with the proliferation of AI tools and platforms over the past year, even small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can now unlock the same benefits.

See how your small or medium-sized company can leverage AI to level the playing field against their larger counterparts, and truly understand the impact of AI for SMEs.


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