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Media Release

Toronto Region Board of Trade Applauds Fare Integration Announcement

Queen's Park in Toronto, on a background of blue sky and clouds.

TORONTO, February 5, 2024 – Today, the Toronto Region Board of Trade applauds the announcement from the province to implement fare integration across the region. This is a big win for the Toronto Region and the culmination of a critical focus of advocacy that the Board has led on behalf of our members.

For decades, riders have voiced their frustrations about the burden of paying double fares when crossing municipal boundaries and the challenges of navigating a fragmented transit system. 

Recognizing the challenges that this fragmentation – and frustration – has had on business, for almost ten years, we have remained steadfast in our calls to streamline the entire transit experience. Now, transit riders will finally benefit from a system that encourages them to leave their cars at home and opt for more convenient and affordable options.

Most importantly for business, fare integration will help address critical workforce challenges. By breaking down financial barriers to transit accessibility, this encourages more people to choose public transportation and over time, alleviate traffic congestion and unlock the true potential of the billions of dollars of transit infrastructure investment already underway.

This move aligns with many of the concerns the Board has heard from our members and the business community more broadly. To build our business competitiveness, we need to invest in enhancing our livability to secure our region as a desirable and globally competitive place to do business, attract top-talent, and drive investment.

As we celebrate this milestone for businesses and residents across the region, the Board commends the efforts of all involved parties and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of this initiative on the lives of residents and the economic and social prosperity of the region as a whole.

About The Toronto Region Board of Trade

The Toronto Region Board of Trade is one of the largest and most influential business chambers in North America and is a catalyst for the region’s economic agenda. We pursue policy change to drive the growth and competitiveness of the Toronto region and facilitate market opportunities with programs, partnerships and connections to help our members succeed – domestically and internationally.

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Jason Chapman, Manager, Communications & Media Relations