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A New Future for Regional Transit

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A GO Train leaving the station.


The Toronto region is the fastest growing urban area in North America. Without a regionally integrated transit system with frequent, all-day service, it will be impossible to efficiently connect people to jobs, housing and other opportunities. Congestion currently costs us $6 billion in lost productivity every year. The Toronto Region Board of Trade is uniquely positioned to look beyond city borders and put forward bold, strategic and cost-effective proposals for regional transit that take from global solutions and best practices.

A New Future for Regional Transit

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Addtional Resources


A streetcar passes several lanes of cars.
Getting on the Right Track: Connecting Communities with Regional Rail

In the post-pandemic world, rail transit needs a new model that unlocks more options for commuting and better integrates the entire Region.

MAR 2021


With the doors slightly ajar, a woman approaches an approaching train.
Erasing the Invisible Line: Integrating the Toronto Region’s Transit Networks

Drawing from a study of global best practices, this proposal tackles how to integrate regional transit without necessitating wholesale reorganization.

NOV 2020