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What’s at Stake, Toronto? | 2023 Toronto Mayoral By-Election Platform

Ahead of the June 26th mayoral by-election, we're watching candidates closely to find out who’s up to the task of tackling our biggest issues, from the City’s strained finances to the cost-of-living crisis.
A skyline shot of downtown Toronto against a setting grey sky.

2023 Toronto Mayoral Debate

On May 25th, the Toronto Region Board of Trade and TVO hosted a Toronto Mayoral Debate with top polling candidates.

The Bottom Line

This election, the future of our city is at stake. We are facing a fiscal crisis that could put us further and further behind where we need to be. Without real changes to the funding model to help the City create sustainable solutions for congestion, affordability, public safety, and homelessness, we will not be able to live up to our potential as a great place to live and an attractive market for investment.

We need a leader who deeply understands the obstacles to maintaining our long-admired high standard of living and can focus our available budget on issues within the City’s mandate while pushing for a sustainable financial future.

#WhatsAtStakeTO Issues Guides

Large cities like Toronto have insufficient sources of revenue. 

The nation’s economic engine urgently needs a reboot. The City cannot continue to deliver services that benefit the region without appropriate funding from other orders of government. 

Help Wanted:  Toronto Seeks A New Mayor Who Understands What’s At Stake

Torontonians and our business community want the successful candidate for Mayor to understand what’s at stake and serve with a passion to make Toronto a city that works for all.

The Chief Executive for a multi-billion-dollar business must demonstrate they have the right mix of knowledge, skills, and experience to lead an organization into a successful future for its employees and customers.

The next Mayor of Toronto, overseeing a budget of $21 billion, must do the same.

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Election Timeline

April 3 – Nominations Open

April 20 – Toronto Region Board of Trade Congestion Podium

May 12 – Nominations Close

May 25 – Toronto Region Board of Trade Mayoral Debate

June 8 – Advance Polls Open

June 13 – Advance Polls Close

June 14 – Toronto Region Board of Trade Annual Lunch

June 26 – Election Day