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Climate and Energy Transition Council

A shot of many rows of solar panels.

It’s time for the Toronto Region to step up as a global leader in the climate economy. This group will drive programs to support the greening of our supply chain to accelerate regional innovation.

The Challenge

While Ontario is currently well-positioned with a 90 per cent emissions-free energy grid, failing to quickly adopt new technologies and practices could cause us to lose our global foothold.


The Opportunity

Energy is the lynchpin to supporting a thriving and productive business environment, and going forward we need clean, reliable, and affordable energy to attract much-needed investment to grow our productive capacity.

20B in clean energy exports annually by 2025

350,000 in the hydrogen industry by 2050

What could this look like?

Sample projects could include:

  • Energy efficiency retrofits (with a focus on buildings and financing).
  • Adoption of Distributed Energy Resources.

Other BCT Councils


An aerial photo of the GTA West Economic Gateway area.
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Two mechanical arms manufacturing on an assembly line.
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Ontario’s manufacturing sector is poised to become a global leader. This council will focus on initiatives to help through tech-driven productivity enhancements.