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The Productivity Gap

Dead last is dead wrong.

Over the last decade, Canada’s GDP per capita grew by less than one per cent – placing us at the back of the pack in terms of growth among advanced countries.

What does this mean?

We’re losing our competitive edge – in a world full of options, companies can choose to invest and grow their companies elsewhere, and if our Region is no longer a competitive one, our growth will continue to stagnate. 

It means that, in an era full of innovation, we’re not as modern as our counterparts in places like the U.S.

It means our livability is declining, driving out talent, and leading to a nosedive in productivity.

Here's what we're going to do about it...

Working across our three councils, the BCT will focus on:

  • our investment and livability crisis
  • accelerating our innovation and climate economy, and;
  • driving manufacturing and supply chain automation

Finding data-driven and evidence-based solutions to the productivity gap is what the BCT is all about.

We’re here to challenge, innovate and push to advance the economic and social prosperity of our region.

Find out how.  

By the Numbers

From 2014 to 2021, business investment per worker in Canada declined by 20 per cent, from approximately 79 cents per worker (for every dollar invested in the U.S.) in 2014 to only 55 cents in 2021. 

$11B Lost annually in productivity due to congestion

60,000 Number of Torontonians Who Left the City Last Year

$80,000 Projected productivity gap by 2027