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Hit Go on Growth: 2022 Toronto Municipal Platform

Ahead of the October 24th municipal election, we're asking council candidates to #HitGo on strengthening our region's growth and competitiveness.
Toronto City Hall, set against a clear blue sky.

2022 Toronto Mayoral Debate Replay

TRBOT's 2022 Mayoral Debate brought five City of Toronto mayoral candidates directly to you, to tell you exactly how they’d hit go on key issues.

The Bottom Line

The City of Toronto's 2022 municipal election is an opportunity to #HitGo on mission-critical projects central to moving our economy ahead.

As a region, we face pressing issues that threaten our quality of life such as a climate crisis, housing affordability and labour shortages.

In the face of ongoing recovery, rising inflation and tight budgets, we need to consider the actions we can take at the municipal level to bolster economic growth and keep our cities moving forward through uncertain times.

We can’t afford to lose the sense of urgency and ‘can-do’ attitude that carried us through the pandemic. We have the solutions at hand - now it’s time to implement them.

Our municipal platform asks incoming councillors to “hit go” on five key areas today, that will unleash growth and competitiveness tomorrow.

Here are five things Toronto can #HitGo on today:

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Additional Resources & Past Advocacy


Suburban Toronto. A crane is visible on the horizon next to multi-res buildings and highrises.
It's Time to #HitGo!

Let's end the inertia and Hit Go on building a better Toronto Region.

Joint Initiative

Solar panels on a roof
Climate Economy Strategic Council

A council designed to solve for the cleantech adoption necessary for the Toronto Region to lead in the climate economy and reach net zero by 2050.

Joint Initiative

Support vehicles around a plane
Pearson Economic Zone Project

This joint initiative dives into a key business district in the region where economic activities such as warehousing, logistics and distribution, and manufacturing concentrate.