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Vaccination Mandates: What Your Business Should Know (October 2021)

A guide that helps businesses navigate the ins and outs of Ontario’s vaccination mandates – as last updated in October 2021.

A man getting vaccinated by a healthcare professional.


The Government of Ontario has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy for patrons, but not employees, of certain types of non-essential businesses in certain settings, including various exceptions. The responsibility of implementing and verifying compliance with these requirements falls on these businesses. 

Given the complexity of these regulations, the Board has produced a guide to help businesses navigate their responsibilities and ensure compliance. This guide includes a broad overview of legal considerations and ongoing challenges, and provides notes on implementation on a sector-by-sector basis. 

This version of the guide was last updated for October 2021. 

Read the Board's Vaccination Guide

Learn how your business can manage Ontario’s vaccination policies.
Masked employees working in an office.