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Think Like a Region: Strengthening the Toronto Region's Talent Advantage

A triptych of images - downtown Toronto, a worker looking for stock on a warehouse shelf and high rises in Mississauga

A Regional Approach is Needed for Toronto to Compete Globally and Attract Talent  

The municipalities of the Toronto region are like players on a sports team. They each have different strengths and talents, and there isn’t one that can do it all. To compete against the best metropolitan regions in the world, the towns and cities of our region – home to nearly 8 million people and 3.5 million jobs – must work together, pulling in the same direction to win. The ‘Think like a Region’ report highlights the crucial links between municipal cooperation, talent attraction, investment attraction and economic competitiveness in the Toronto region.

To maintain our region’s talent advantage globally, municipalities must think like a region and hit go on:    

  1. Developing a collective regional economic strategy for growth, competitiveness, and shared prosperity;  
  2. Embracing best practices for investment attraction by doubling-down on a unified approach to FDI promotion;  
  3. Focusing on the power of place-making to strengthen the regional talent pipeline;  
  4. Harnessing the potential of remote and hybrid work trends to boost economic growth in the region;  
  5. Advocating for municipal finance reform

Through deep municipal cooperation, a unified approach to investment attraction, and a focus on liveability we can continue to attract the talent and investments necessary to remain competitive. 

Read "Think Like a Region"

Learn about the actions municipalities need to take maintain our growth and competitiveness.
A triptych of images - downtown Toronto, a worker looking for stock on a warehouse shelf and high rises in Mississauga

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