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Priced Out: A Lack of Housing Options for Working Families in the Goods Production & Distribution District

Worker uses power tool to cut cylindrical material.


The Toronto Region’s Goods Production and Distribution District (GPDD) – the business district spanning Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga with a large share of the Region’s production and movement of goods industries, largely around Pearson Airport – is set to see an influx of well-paying jobs over the next three decades. 

This growth will be driven by a booming e-commerce sector, as well as an increase in emission-reduction initiatives, which will increase the need for local warehousing and manufacturing.

However, attracting talent to fill new labour demands will be difficult if workers can’t find affordable housing near these new jobs. According to trends highlighted in this report, workers will find themselves increasingly priced out of the GPDD, even if they are compensated with middle-class salaries.

Failure to address the affordable housing shortage in this district will result in a loss of these jobs and economic opportunities to other parts of the world, making the Region poorer as a result.

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Learn more about how housing is getting increasingly out of reach for the Toronto region’s manufacturing, transportation and warehousing workers.
Young worker uses power tool to cut cylindrical material.