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Partnerships that Produce: Best Practices for International Metropolitan Partnerships

Exploring international metropolitan partnerships and their capacity to drive growth.

A woman in a suit speaks at a board table as a man looks onwards towards her.


In a highly competitive and interconnected global economy, metropolitan centres are the hubs of economic growth and trade activity. Global cities like Toronto are increasingly fuelling the prosperity and competitiveness of their nations. For example, the Toronto Region represents one-fifth of Canada’s GDP and more than half of Ontario’s GDP. 

This report examines how international metropolitan partnerships can drive growth and increase export volumes. The report provides 10 recommendations on how Toronto can build better partnerships throughout the world. Examples of these recommendations include eliminating the use of MOUs (which create legal complications) and establishing more meaningful and measurable objectives for partnerships. 

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Learn how Toronto can cultivate an alliance of urban partnerships for the 21st century.
A woman in a suit speaks into a microphone at a board table as a man looks onwards towards her.

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