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Fast Forward: Sector Strategies for Accelerating the Toronto Region’s Recovery

The Toronto Region’s post-pandemic recovery can be accelerated using these six recommendations.

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The Toronto Region Board of Trade convened over 200 local businesses, gathering their insights on what an ideal post-pandemic recovery might look like. Based on responses gathered from that initiative, this report provides six recommendations that, if implemented, will accelerate recovery while preserving Toronto’s vibrancy and diversity. 

Toronto must preserve its global appeal by fighting for its local identity. It must also give businesses the clarity they need to invest and move forward past the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses will have to lean into the digital shift to become more resilient and globally competitive. 

Local businesses and government must shore up diverse skills and talent, which are the city’s greatest resource – and Toronto must improve liveability and connectivity because strong talent stays in areas where it wants to live. Finally, the Toronto Region needs to aggressively champion itself on the world stage, rather than exclusively looking inward during recovery. 

If these recommendations are implemented, then Toronto will emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever.

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Learn more about the six steps Toronto needs to take for an accelerated recovery.
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