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Policy Brief: Principles for Higher Education and Immigration Policy

A group of graduating students tossing their motarboards in the air, as is tradition.

Canada's recent decision to limit the number of undergraduate international students has led to a lot of conversation.

It's a big change, one that could reshape our colleges and universities and ripple through our economy and workforce.

We believe it's a conversation that needs voices from across the business community. These changes are more than just policy shifts; they're about the future of our province's talent pipeline and economic health.

We've developed a policy brief that digs into these changes, laying out what they could mean for Canada – especially for Ontario – and suggesting some forward-thinking principles for policymakers. It's about striking the right balance: keeping our education system robust, supporting the financial sustainability of post-secondary institutions and continuing to attract the bright minds from around the globe who help fuel our economy.

For access to the complete analysis and our recommendations, click below to read the full brief.

Together, let's ensure that Ontario remains a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative place to learn, work, and do business.

Read the brief

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