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Workplace Education Manitoba

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 Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM), Profile member.

We feature Kara Finney, CEO of Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM). Kara’s role is to ensure that WEM meets and exceeds the needs of their workplace partners and their learners.

Kara's private industry experience with manufacturing and supply chain, and years in non-profit supports her contribution to an innovative and driven organization. Kara plays an influencing factor in supporting the team, and organization that is so innovative, responsive and driven to meet the needs of their partners.

Kara Finney

CEO of Workplace Education Manitoba
Kara Finney, Workplace Education Manitoba

"We have chosen to be a member of TRBOT based on the alignment of who we are. We share the same mindset as TRBOT of A connected business community is the key to a stronger economy. Our success starts with you. With this partnership, we want to provide information on what WEM is doing across Canada and more specifically Toronto. We offer workplace training to address workforce challenges that helps TRBOT members access and deliver training needs."