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Richardson Wealth

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Richardson Wealth | Influence Member

Meet Dave Kelly, Chief Operating Officer at Richardson Wealth, a leading independent wealth management firm in Canada. Dave and his team focus on driving growth and profitability while providing top-notch support to advisors, enabling them to offer exceptional wealth advice and investment solutions to clients. Dave takes pride in Richardson Wealth's advisor-centric culture and its commitment to scaling the business for growth. The firm also prioritizes community support, contributing to its status as Canada's preferred brand in the rapidly expanding wealth management industry.

Dave Kelly

COO, Richardson Wealth
Dave Kelly, COO, Richardson Wealth

"Richardson Wealth is proud to be a member of TRBOT. The membership offers us valuable insights into issues that are impacting our clients today and in the future. We commend TRBOT’s efforts in fostering regional growth and creating a thriving business environment."

– Dave Kelly, Chief Operating Officer at Richardson Wealth