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Northeastern University Toronto

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Northeastern University Toronto, Profile Plus member.

TRBOT shines the spotlight on Montse Sanzsole, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Northeastern University Toronto. Her role is to engage with industry, the business community, and associations to identify synergies and partnerships for the university while helping to create transformative co-op experiences and exceptional career outcomes for their students and alumni. 

Montse is most proud of seeing Northeastern’s students succeed in their career journeys, and the exciting growth of their campus that extends to the global university system. The Toronto campus is part of 14 campuses and research locations in Canada, the US and the UK.

Montse Sanzsole

Director of Strategic Partnerships at Northeastern University Toronto
 Montse Sanzsole, Northeastern University Toronto

"Being a member of TRBOT is fantastic for making connections with local businesses and learning more about the issues affecting the community. It also provides a platform for Northeastern to share the ways we can give back either through talent, knowledge, or research capabilities. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that we feel fortunate to be part of."