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Cubic Transportation Systems

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Cubic Transportation Systems, Influencer member.

Galen Chui is the Senior VP of Engineering & Products at Cubic Transportation Systems, and he’s responsible for driving innovation, strategy development, talent growth, and project execution. Galen is passionate about leading and executing Cubic’s vision, and he leverages technology that will pave the future of business growth.

He is most proud of their partnership with McMaster University’s Centre of Excellence for AI and Smart Mobility, that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion to design inclusive solutions for all.

Galen Chui

Senior VP of Engineering & Products at Cubic Transportation Systems
Galen Chui, Cubic Transportation Systems

“Cubic is deeply committed to the GTHA region. TRBOT has provided incredible value to Cubic, including assisting us in refining our product roadmap and improving our urban revenue management solution. TRBOT has been instrumental in helping us learn about its unique needs and opportunities for improvement, including advocacy for regional fare integration and congestion management. Cubic chooses to be a member of TRBOT given its position of thought leadership in the transit and mobility space.”