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Community Living Toronto

Community Living Toronto - 75 years of belonging

Community Living Toronto (CLTO), Influence member.

We recognize Brad Saunders in our spotlight. As the Chief Executive Officer of Community Living Toronto (CLTO), he has led this dynamic, vibrant community-oriented organization since November 2015 with over 25 years of experience to the Developmental Services sector. 

Brad is most impressed with the dedication, creativity, and passion the employees of CLTO brings to their work everyday and most proud of how CLTO came together to support 600+ people against COVID-19. Faced with loss and hardship, they emerged stronger than ever. CLTO continues to evolve and innovate to keep people safe as they embrace and value a more inclusive community.  

Brad Saunders

Chief Executive Officer of Community Living Toronto
Brad Saunders, Community Living Toronto

"Our choice was intentional as our investments need to make the greatest impact possible. We believe that non-profits are often a well-kept secret, meaning our successes and impact go unrecognized. TRBOT is an influential and innovative organization that aligns with our commitment to better the city we love. As part of the Board, we have a lot to learn and much to contribute. We hope to be seen, along with the many other excellent non-profits in the city, as an important part of our future.”