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369 Global

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369 Global | Influence Member

Kumaran Nadesan, Co-Founder and Deputy Chairman of 369 Global, a Canadian conglomerate specializing in skills training, media and global market facilitation, is positioned at the nexus of the organization's endeavors. He provides strategic direction and oversees operations within the subsidiaries, ensuring alignment with the company's mission and values.  

Kumaran is instrumental in forging strategic partnerships and expanding the company's presence across diverse markets in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Committed to social impact, he champions initiatives empowering underrepresented communities, embodying the ethos of giving back. Kumaran's dedication to fostering positive change underscores 369 Global's role as a transformative force in both Canadian and international business landscapes. 

Kumaran Nadesan

Co-Founder & Deputy Chairman, 369 Global
Kumaran Nadesan, Co-Founder & Deputy Chairman, 369 Global

"TRBOT, a longstanding catalyst for Toronto's business community, aids SMEs like 369 Global in navigating evolving landscapes. Its insights inform strategic decisions, enhance networking and foster collaboration, aligning with our commitment to driving positive change and fostering inclusive prosperity."

– Kumaran Nadesan, Co-Founder & Deputy Chairman, 369 Global