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Climate Tech Breakfast Series: Leading in Batteries & Critical Minerals

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The Quay - 100 Queens Quay East, 3rd Floor

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The International Energy Agency forecasts that achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 will cause demand for critical minerals to increase sixfold by 2040.

Meeting this skyrocketing demand will be a challenge, but it also presents an incredible opportunity for Ontario. Our abundant supply of critical minerals positions us to lead in the global shift towards clean energy. However, despite massive government and private-sector investments in EV battery production and assembly in the region, there are significant challenges that must be addressed to maximize the potential of this sector. 

Join us for the first session of our new Climate Tech Breakfast series as we delve into how we can unlock opportunities for innovation, economic growth and sustainability in the batteries and critical minerals technology sector.

It's not just about carbon neutrality—it's about maximizing our economic advantage in a field with extraordinary growth potential.

About the Climate Tech Breakfast Series

This is the first event in a three-part series focusing on key climate technologies where the Toronto region is poised to lead. We don’t want to be just resource providers or a ‘branch plant economy’; we want to be a place where innovations are developed, commercialized and deployed. Each event in this series will spotlight a climate technology where Ontario has a competitive edge: batteries & critical minerals, hydrogen, and small modular nuclear reactors). Join us as we bring together industry experts, policymakers and academics to explore strategies for economic growth and scaling within our region. 

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