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Franchising 101: Your Guide to Entrepreneurial Success in Canada


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Uncover the franchise advantage: RBC helps you initiate entrepreneurial success within Canada's thriving economy.

Event Information

Aspiring to own a business? Franchising offers Canadians a path to entrepreneurial triumph supported by an established system. Canadian franchises play a pivotal role, contributing over $100 billion to the economy and sustaining 1.9 million jobs. Explore the mechanics of franchising and uncover how RBC assists entrepreneurs in kickstarting their franchises at our event.

Delve into the world of franchising and unveil the benefits of owning a business within a proven framework. Understand the economic significance of Canadian franchises and the vital role they play in job creation. This event is a valuable opportunity to gain practical insights and guidance on initiating your franchise journey with RBC’s support.

Key learnings:

  • Franchising Insights: Grasp the inner workings of franchising, including its structure, advantages, and potential challenges.
  • Economic Impact: Understand the substantial economic contribution of Canadian franchises and their role in job generation.
  • Financial Guidance: Learn how RBC supports aspiring franchise owners, providing a clear roadmap to start and manage a successful franchise.

Workshop Agenda

  • 11:45 AM – Doors Open and Check-In Begins
  • 12:15 PM – Workshop Programing
  • 1:15 PM – Open Networking


Paul DaSilva, National Vice President, Franchise/Retail Markets at RBC

Sandro Giannini, Regional Manager, Business Markets at RBC

Sherry McNeil, President & CEO at Canadian Franchise Association 

Jordan Mowbray, Regional Manager, Business Markets at RBC

Gary Prenevost, President and Author of The Unstoppable Franchisee at FranNet (Southern Ontario and Eastern Canada)

Eric Turner, VP, Business Markets, Greater Toronto Region at RBC


Your admission includes a light lunch and refreshments provided by Oliver & Bonacini.

About our member:

For more than 150 years, RBC has gone where their clients have gone – expanding across Canada, the United States, and to select global markets. Today, RBC hold strong market positions in five business segments, with 17 million clients who continue to put their trust in RBC.

If you're attending a workshop and require workspace before another workshop session or the Cocktails & Connections event, we've got plenty of available workspaces on-site for use (Wi-Fi included)!