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Policy Committee

Business Growth, Competitiveness & Recovery Policy Committee

Helping foster regional economic growth, supporting trade and attracting investment to the Region.
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Committee Objectives

The Business Growth, Competitiveness and Recovery Committee aims to encourage regional economic growth, enhance commercial development, remove red tape, support trade and attract investment to the Region. This member committee is tied to the Board's business growth strategic area of focus. 

Together, these members advise, guide and shape the Board’s efforts to champion:

  • Recovery of businesses from COVID-19’s impact 
  • Improving the global standing of the Toronto region as an attractive place to invest and do business
  • Removing trade barriers to lower costs and streamline compliance for businesses, both internationally and within Canada
  • Streamlined regulation and removal of red tape to increase the Region’s competitiveness and improve opportunities for SMEs 

How We'll Get There

To reach our objectives, we work to:

  • Advocate for a supportive, collaborative government policy climate at all levels of government 
  • Track key variables on the Toronto Region’s standing as an attractive place to invest and do business 
  • Catalyze support for smart regulations that make it easier to conduct business 
  • Maintain political and public attention on the need to address interprovincial trade barriers as part of economic recovery 
  • Support efforts to maintain a vibrant central business district rebounding from the impacts of COVID-19 
  • Aid facilitation of an economic environment conducive to FDI, and inter-provincial investment 
  • Augment discussion of efficient local taxation and enablement of place-based economic development

Have your say

Join the Business Growth, Competitiveness and Recovery policy committee to shape the Board’s agenda and direct our research and advocacy to emerging priorities. Already a member? Contact your account manager to get involved.

If you aren't a member, complete the membership inquiry form for more information!

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